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Nortranss International Transport Co. Ltd.
Filistin Caddesi. Kader Sokak. No : 10 / 4 Gaziosmanpaşa - Ankara / Türkiye - Tel: +90 312 427 78 33 - 34 Fax: +90 312 427 7 8 35
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"NORTRANSS INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT CO., LTD" operates as freight forwarder, offering comprehensive range of FCL and LCL import ocean freight services with a wide variety of transit times at highly competitive rates. Our highly trained and talented members will work with you to manage all phases of transportation from origin through final destination based on your specific needs.

With our extensive global network of agents, we don't just handle goods efficiently, but also coordinate the movement of every shipment to ensure that our clients are well informed about the status of their shipments. With the global transport network, we ensure the smooth handling, storage, clearance and delivery of shipments from door to door.


1- Full Container Loads / FCL

We ensure the efficient carriage of your cargo from Far East and Asia as an expert in this area, and also all the other origins of the world. We have been handling FCL shipments from many ports of CHINA to TURKEY ports including Izmir/Istanbul/Mersin/Gemlik.

- All major origins covered
- Fastest transit times
- Competitive rates

2- Less Than Container Loads / LCL

As a leading LCL consolidator from Far East and Asia we offer a vast range of direct services, which also reduce transit time and cost. The main ports we have been successfully organizing direct consol box service with regular, weekly sailings from FAR EAST to TURKEY ports are :


For LCL shipments from Mainland China, transshipment services are organized via Hong Kong; for LCL shipments from South East Asian Ports, transshipment services are organized via Singapore.
- Pioneers of consolidation
- Direct Routings
- Fixed weekly sailings
- On-time arrivals

3- Door-to-door Freight Services
We safely deliver your cargo in a timely manner by using a combination of efficient ocean and land services.
- Competitive Ex-works Costs

4- Choice of Freight Carriers
We provide shipment by our arrangements with various shipping lines, depending on your preferences.
- Pre-Booked Space On Carriers
- Competitive Rate Structures

5- Container Types
Whether you require dry van, high cube, open top containers, we provide for your every shipping demand.

6- Information Through Our Cargo Tracking System
You will be aware of your every shipment, and you will be informed about the status of your shipment on time and without delay with our cargo tracking department.
Since we ventured into import freight services, our clear focus is on "SATISFYING CUSTOMER REQUIREMENTS IN EVERY ASPECTS OF SERVICES WE OFFER".

As the most dominant freight forwarder in the import service from Far East to Turkey, NORTRANSS INTERNATIONAL TRANSPORT:

- Delivers on time
- Provides consistent quality to meet your every
- Quotes you good prices due to the most
competitive rates enabled by the major ocean
- Is responsive to your needs and satisfies you
through purchasing our service
- Provides you the most economical and wide
range of reliable services promptly and without
- Guarantees the smooth handling and the
efficient delivery of your cargo
- Develops strong relationships through trust and
creates long term relations with you.
- Finds solutions to your complaints and problems
by providing you with valuable information
- Treats you as valuable partners by bringing new,
creative, effective, practical ideas to you.

Along with our service developing, NORTRANSS is allowing for a great degree of flexibility in your own business. And with our WIN-WIN POLICY, we hope to cooperate with valuable you in the bright future.

We as Nortranss International Transport Co Ltd, are the most experienced freight forwarder in international shipping from Far East to Turkey ports since 1996. Thanks to our reliable range of modern information systems, first-class service,comprehensives logistics solutions for customer needs,and an efficient cost structure Nortrans has evolved into a well-known international freight forwarder in the market.

In order to protect and enhance our market share and provide all commercial needs of our custumers and importance of our country's export volume we have constituted our international container shipping department for all export cargoes from Turkey ports to whole world with our contracted rates using well-known and reliable ship owners.

In these scope, please find detailed informations and advantages to contact with NORTRANSS for your all logistic requirements..

- Full Container Services (FCL)
- Less than a Container Services (LCL)
- Inland Tracking Services

Full Container Services (FCL)
Export services we have provided with various well-known ship owners with our efficient cost sutructures are as below indicated;

- Continant (directly to Hamburg, Salerno,
Felixstowe, Antwerp,Rotherdam)

- United Kingdom (directly to Felixstowe)

- Scandinavia (directly to Bremerhaven,
Gothenburg, Aarhus)

- Far East (directly to Singapore, Kaohsiung,Hong

- Mediterranean (directly to Valancia, Barcelona,
Marsille,Ashdod, Haifa,Le Havre, Pireaus,

Beside above mentioned direct services, we also have very consantrated on transhipment services as West Africa ports via Antwerp / Felixstowe ports, Main USA ports as New York, NorFolk and Charleston via Pireaus and Port Said ports...

Using all above services,your door delivery shipments are arranged via our reliable, modern and well-known overseas agent networks.

Less than a Container Services(LCL):
Nortrans International Transport is the most experienced company in groupage container handling service in Izmir port since 1996. We have handle from 5 main ports of Far East to Izmir port and now we started to organize also export gruopage services from Izmir port to all far East destinations via Singapore, all European , Africa,Scandinavia,Mediterranean,... destinations via Antwerp or Rotterdam ports weekly.

The destinations we serve via Singapore port are as belows;

China, Malasia, Indonesia, Pakistan, India,Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Sri Lanka, NewZeland, Australia, Bangladesh, Philippines, Maldivia,...

The destinations we serve via Antwerp/Rotterdam port are as belows;

European, Africa, Scandinavia, Mediterranean, United Kingdom, Israel, Malta, Latakia, Tunis, Algeria, Egypt, United States of Amerika, Canada, ... destinations.

Inland Trucking Services;
To make supply chain complated, and provide all logistic facilities to our customers, Nortrans International Transport has constitute inland trucking department. We may provide various trucks, pick up trucks,TIR trucks,for any kinds of dry containers or LCL cargoes.

In order to improve not only the scope of the services but also the cost effectiveness, both Nortrans International Transport and Nortrans Transportation have cooperate with each others to provide more feasible trucking rates to clients.

Here are the presentation of all advantages to use Nortrans International Transport services for all export logistic facilities of your company;

- Integrated IT cargo trace system
- Qualified,efficient and complaisant staff
- Long term customer relationship management
- Cargo insurance facilities by NORTRANS
INSURANCE department.
- Direct and transhipment services with various
transit time alternatives
- Competitive sea freights and long term
contracted rates
- Reliable and hardworking overseas agent
- Comprehensive logistic solutions for your inland
truking demands
- Integrated information flow between
Sales/Marketing and Documentation